Hello from Halifax Nova Scotia

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Hey everyone! Older singer (51) from Nova Scotia Canada, After waffling for some time I FINALLY pulled the trigger on Ken's course!

I have sung for a long time but I always felt mediochre as a singer, despite singing in bands on stage. Looking to improve my pitch, chest voice range, my stamina and to smooth out those breaks! Last two bands I have been a co-singer and I am getting a little tired of being the "second best lead singer in the band".

Back in early August I left the 80s band I was in due to life/personal reasons. I would like to get back into things but I also want to really come out strong and be a brand new singer with a voice I can be proud of.

Any pointers anyone has I am very open. I am sure I have lots of entrenched bad habits to unlearn LOL

I couldn't find much very recent of me - there are some older videos that I think don't show my voice in its current state

Doesn't Really Matter - Platinum Blonde.

Difficult song (for my natural range) with lots of flat notes to prove it :/

Are you Gonna Go My Way - Lenny Kravitz - also a little flat in a lot of places

A couple compilation videos from my last band - short snippets:

I am sandwiched in the middle singing Dancing in the Dark - two semitones down. I would love to get to a point where I can sing everything in the original key, without straining or fatigue


Love Shack and Jessies Girl - also a full tone down


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