Show Me How To Live - Chris Cornell (Lame 1/2 step down - Way to much Glottal Compression I guess..)

I´ve been around for some time. Bought the complete set about a few years ago. But never "really" devoted myself, in terms of discipline I mean.

Nonetheless, I´ve seen the improvement, from where I stood then and where I am today (I couldn´t sing at all before, believe me)

My question is how to improve the transition between the clean and "raspy voice", so they blend better, and also if I´m on pitch at all haha.



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    hi jrc, I don't know the original (yet), it sounded cool to me because I like this distorted tone. but since I follow this course, I learned how dangerous this sound can be for the cords. Ken warns us time and time again to be careful not to use distortion without proper control. and you sound very distorted to me (which is cool as an effect, no doubt!!!).

    the way to learn safe distortion is by follwoing the course. you will need immense control over the air that passes the cords so as to not shred them/dry them out. there can also be long-term damage, I don't want to panic you, I think we talk about singers who oversing daily for years, but I just wanted to point this out to you in case you didn't know.

    there is something called "leaning into the rasp" where you do it slightly first and then go harder, which I think would answer your transition question, I imagine if you master this it will sound smoother when you transition. but this only comes in vol 3, I am only on vol 1. so i don't recommend this to you at this moment!

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    Overall I don't think pitch was a problem though there were notes that wavered as you held them. This tells me that you need better support, and less air to achieve the rasp safely. That will also translate into better transitions between clean and distorted. Relax into the rasp, don't force it.
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