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Experienced singer wanting NEXT LEVEL and LONGEVITY. Want to maintain or IMPROVE range. 56 yrs old

was asked to post this here after commenting on compression video - original question below.

"Ken, I have seen you off and on over the years.... I am one of those people who looses his voice 4 songs in... very frustrating!
I would love to be able to be a student and get specific response to my technique or lack thereof... how can i contact you
and explore that?

Some extra thoughts for insight into my situation:

Most weeks i sing 4 or 5 sets that are short. I also do about one show a week that is long... 3 hours plus.
i've gotten into the cycle of having to lower most of the songs i do, because i cannot sustain the quality i want in many of the original keys. Some that have remained in original keys potentially wipe me out for a period during the show.

this is not a new problem for me. i have been through many auditions with difficult songs that i can nail on a good day, but i'm done after that and do not have the stamina to keep the gig.

wondering if a video lesson might be the way to start, just so my technique can be accessed and then go from there...
just not sure how to proceed.



  • bonvie56bonvie56 2.0 PRO Posts: 53
    Hi Gsharp9!
    You are a youngster! The most honest and forthright thing I can tell you is to get Ken's course. Don't hesitate.
    Here's why (from someone who is 8 years your senior!):
    1) It's more effective than any other voice training. (I've had several voice teachers on-and-off in my lifetime, starting at the ripe old age of 19). There was more progress in a shorter time, more usable range extension than I've ever had in my life, and more stamina, less 'wearing out,' less frustration... after using Ken's course for a short time, than with any other training. I started Ken's course when I was about to turn 62. Two weeks in I was wondering where this guy had been all my life.
    2) It's a bargain. The amount of concise, accurate and totally effective training you get on whichever media you choose can be watched as many times as you need to. The index is comprehensive, so you can find things that are specific to your needs easily. Going to voice coaches could cost me (easily) $200 to $250 a month or more, with fees, transportation, parking, etc. The course is a one-time cost, contains everything and anything you will ever need for singing, and then you get access to this whole Forum...with lots of others that are traveling down the same road as you are.
    3) You can book Skype with Ken, and/or you can post demos in here. There are terrific moderators and others that are helpful, kind, and encouraging.
    4) If you follow the course and put the required time into it, you will get into and stay 'in-shape' vocally and physically. You will breathe better....and let's face it...people who sing are just a happier bunch than most! :)
    5) The effort that it takes to do the course is no big deal, because it is FUN! Seeing and feeling the self improvement is truly life changing.\

    I really hope you do this for yourself... I have Pro 2.0 and it is fantastic!
  • doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management Posts: 3,888
    Dan, thanks! This is was I was intended to answer. Totally agree 100%!
  • Klaus_TKlaus_T 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,314
    hi @Gsharp9 if you can afford it, get the course. I don't mean to talk you out of live lessons with Ken, but compare the price of one lesson with the price of the course. it really works if you are willing to invest about an hour for 5-6 days a week
  • WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 3,194
    @bonvie56 couldn't have said it better my self! 🙂
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