Hello from CA!

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Hi! My name is TammyJo. I am in my 40's. So excited to be doing this program. I have spent many hours with vocal coaches and other singing programs but Ken's exercises are the first that don't actually bring me pain.

When I was young I was a first soprano. I had some very bad advice given to me when I was 19. They told me to never use my head voice so, for 15years I shoved my voice down and never used my head voice. Eventually, I began to believe I was a contralto. However, speaking and singing both bring me pain. A few months ago, I explored upper notes up to G5. I have no pain singing there. Now I gotta figure out how to get both my speaking and singing voice back to natural.

I am a worshipper and the ultimate goal of using this course is for me to be able to sing freely, without fear, and be able to improv, all without pain.


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