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Change in tonal quality

I feel I may be asking a rather strange question here. Firstly I'm probably a total beginner in signing and I know very little about the voice. Is it normal for one's tonal quality to change slightly when ascending? For example there's a slight difference in tone let's say, when belting an A4 note and above. The thing is, I don't struggle with that note or anything and I don't think that it's falsetto, as it doesn't really feel not sound "airy". Normally there is this "ringing" vibe to my voice when I sing. I hear it most in the lower parts of my voice, maybe until about a G4. Even when I ascending beyond a G4 I still here the "ringing" sound, it's just that A4 and beyond, I feel there's a slight difference in tone above that note. Or is there something I'm doing wrong and I need to work on?


  • WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,039
    For the most accurate answer you could post a sample of what you are experiencing. Above the A4 it's possible you could be in a bit of a mix or strong head voice if it's not flooty. Either way you are likely also dragging less girth of the sound up there to achieve the note which is what you want to be doing 🙂
  • RazorRazor Member Posts: 4
    @Wigs I understand 🙂.
  • RazorRazor Member Posts: 4
    You know funny enough, I tend to wonder if there's any explanation to singers who sing much higher than how they speak. I mean to me it's interesting. Maybe more so as I happen to be one of those persons.
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