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Doing Ken tamplin's vocal exercise

I have the audio starter workout dudes from ken tamplin and he says you must do these exercise twice.Once to do it in your chest voice and try to expand it as much as you can and the second time you use your head voice(which is falsetto from what i've understood).My question is this one.Should do the exercise from A TO Z in my chest voice and then start again the exercise from A TO Z but now using my head voice?Or after i do the first exercise should i do it again immediately but now in my head voice?i hope i made myself clear xd

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    Hi @TonyBaritone,

    The exercises need to be done first stretching chest, and then again practicing bridging. Bridging is where we transition smoothly from chest to head. It is not done in head voice only. It might help to rewatch the lessons a few times so you can be sure you aren't missing anything Ken is saying.
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