Please Critique Me (Like A Stone Acoustic Cover)

Hi guys, new to the forum so hiya!  Anyways, been working with KTVA for a few months now...on volume 2 at the moment.  Made the jump from TVS(5 year student) to KTVA and loving it!  Anyways, I was wanting some input on this cover tune....I'm really trying to work on rasp and distortion a la Chris Cornell.  I'm not trying to sound like him, but I want to sing in the same style...any input is appreciated.


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    Hey Derek,

    Overall good job. Some pitch issues, but a nice clean bright tone. You do break to a flutey head voice in the chorus that in time you won't need to. I would work in support big time to beef up the tone. I think you have the range for this song just up that support. Good work. Distortion takes
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    Thanks dude! The flutey head voice on the "to be" was a stylistic thing, lol. This may not be the right place to post this question, but is it possible to have been doing glottal compression all along without knowing it? I'm only in to Vol 2, but I was just wondering if the grit I was getting in this tune sounds like it? Anyways, thanks for listening.
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    Good job.   I think after a few more months of KTVA, you're going to see some dramatic growth and improvement in your voice.  I've been doing Ken's program for two years now, and I'm still having breakthroughs!  It just keeps getting better.

    Scott is right about the support.  Dig in and read and listen to all of the tips about support.  I'm still working hard at improving my own support, and it works wonders!

    I'm looking forward to hearing more from you and monitoring your progress!

    Glad to hear from you!


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    Hey Derek,

    Sorry I meant to ask if the flutey tone was on purpose:). Also some of my answer got cut off. Distortion is the balance between extra support and cutting back the air basically trying to hold your breath while singing. Letting through very little air and holding that breath at the base of the neck. You are almost there. Just add more support overall. Also you want to be very warmed up before you even try to distort. There should be no discomfort in the throat and it should stay open just like a clean tone. And always clean up the tone after singing with distortion.
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    Thanks guys, I will def work on support more. Funny thing is, I always thought my support was good until I started working with ktva. Turns out now I gotta add even more, lol. Works though, belting notes in chest voice that were pure head when I was training with TVS.
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