Sean from Colorado living in Ukraine

Hello everyone-

From what I have been reading on the forum, I am probably the most inexperienced person to have ever bought Ken's program. :) I love to sing and dance. I have very big goals, have always wanted to be a rock star since I was four years old so I thought maybe it was time I should actually learn how to sing. I am 31 years old now, and I put all of my creative outlets on the shelf as I was always listening to other peoples' advice about what I should do and who I should be. In 2008 I left my corporate job and haven't had a real job since. In 2010 I started acting and taking workshops in Denver and did pretty well with various commercial appearances and student and independent films. Then my next adventure started and I left for Ukraine in 2011 to make a documentary.

My singing experience: in the shower mostly, and a few bad karaoke performances. In the shower I think I sound ok, Karaoke I think I am terrible. For some reason I can sing along to music much much better than I can sing on my own, and acapella I can barely even pronounce it let alone do it. I have been living in Ukraine for 15 months and will be returning to the US shortly (probably within the next month). I think being in a foreign country has pushed me to want to sign as I have felt isolated a lot lately. I now make my living as an internet marketer. I am very fortunate as I can work anywhere I have an internet connection. I told a friend of mine acting is the most fun job in the world but singing is pure joy (even though I am terrible at it).

I am very excited for this journey I am beginning, and looking forward to what I can accomplish. Whenever I begin something I attack it obsessively and I do whatever it takes to do it. So I guess singing may be my next obsession. Thanks and look forward to contributing to the forum and for all of your support. That's my story.

My first goal. Sing one song well that I am not embarrassed at Karaoke after I finish and to do it sober :)



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    Welcome to the forums!  Your drive to excel will help to keep you moving along in your vocal progress.  Do be sure to do everything exactly like Ken demonstrates in the videos.  It may not all seem important, but it IS.  You are forming the foundations for your New Voice and you want it to be a solid one!

    Looking forward to hearing your demos as you start to grow!

    And keep the joy flowing!


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    Hello Sean! Great introduction man. I say this only because I too was a total beginner . . . KEEP AT IT! In the beginning I was overwhelmed (belly moving all over, tension all over, tongue flopping around, and on and on), but one by one, and with your brand-of-dedication, everything WILL fall into place. I'm just now moving on from vol2, so I have some new challenges myself, but little by little I am picking-up-on and applying KT's techniques. Rock on! -kenbo
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    Welcome Sean! If on your way back home you decide to make a stop in Russia - you are welcome as well! :) Your story is really good. Good luck with your studies. The course is great. Though due to different reasons I move very slowly - after 2 months I am in the middle of part one - I feel the result already in the change of tone, range and sound control.
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