This is just a quick shout to everyone .! This course is a birthday present to myself and it's already beginning to change my life.!!! Sorry that i did not do this sooner, but i'm in the process of changing things around to make my practice much easier and more convenient. I look forward to posting alot and emailing to everyone . Thanks God Bless    GREGORY ( EMAIL- SAGACITY7@GMAIL.COM )


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358

    Welcome, Gregory!

    Yes, sometimes the best gifts are the ones we choose and give to ourselves, because others don't know how badly we want and need important things like how to sing better for the rest of our lives!!!!

    I tried hinting that this would be a great father's day gift, Christmas gift, birthday present, etc...

    until too many of those went by and still no KTVA!!!  I had to take matters into my own hands!!

    My greatest regret about KTVA is that I did not purchase it when I first decided that I had to have it!!!

    I deprived myself for far too long, thinking I could not "afford" it and went on doing without!  I just delayed my vocal growth by about a year by waiting until I could "afford" KTVA.  Turns out that when I finally bought it, I was no better off financially, only older and more behind on my vocal growth...

    Buying KTVA was the best thing I ever did for my musical career, my vocal development, and as a gift to myself!  I have never regretted the purchase. I only wish I had bought it the day I found it on the internet!

    Gregory, I hope you enjoy your vocal journey as much as I am enjoying mine.

    We will help you out along the way!





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    TallMarkTallMark Member Posts: 2
    Better late than never, Greg. What part of Orlando are you in? I'm in Altamonte Springs and am moving near downtown soon.

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    dvickers79dvickers79 Member Posts: 4
    Cool to see you guys around here...I just moved my family to Winter Garden...Florida was always one of my dreams, singing being the other...moved on one, now on to the other :)
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