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Posting covers to FB

LinaLina 2.0 PRO Posts: 77
My band has recently recored a CD of 40-second snippets of some of the songs we cover. I thought I would post it on FB, as so people can get an idea of our style. However I have been reading a lot on copyright issues that come with posting cover songs online. If it is not possible to post a sampling on FB, is there an online venue where this would not violate regulations? Thank you.


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    doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management Posts: 3,978
    Hi @Lina,

    I only post covers on Youtube because I wasn't blocked with one single cover. On my channel homepage is says "Copyright complaint" when I look at the list of my videos. But there is never any action by the copyright holder. All of my videos are still on - even one that was blocked for some time.

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    sjonrokz4usjonrokz4u 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,287
    I haven’t done it but there’s lots of bands here in St. Louis that are over bands and have posted their demos on Facebook
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