Hello from Portugal

Hey there, I'm Pedro, and I'm 42. I love singing (although only at home - I'm not searching a singing career). The main reasons why I'm here:
Would love that my voice could stop sounding so bad (I also play and record some original songs at home, and when I hear them sang by me... Oh well... :)
Being a PE teacher, almost everyday I need to talk to groups of sometimes more than 30 students, many days for several hours, so I know these techniques are a great way to protect my voice, and also from my home-singing when I get too excited with the song... I'm pretty sure it's yelling, not singing...
And last, but not the least, I have 2 daughters aged 7 and 2, and everytime I sing, they say to me: "OK Daddy, that's enough singing for now... please!", even if I didn't even get to the end of my first song LOL

So , I hope being here and practicing regularly what I learn in the YT channel will help me develop my voice and achieve these simple objectives!!

Cheers everyone

PS: I know Ken used to surf, and I live next to Nazaré, the biggest waves in the world. Perhaps I could show them to Ken, if he's willing to visit Portugal, and in return Ken could show me how to sing ;)


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