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For those that have sung songs such as Foo Fighters - The Pretender, Linkin Park - New Divide, Toto - Africa... How difficult would you say the choruses of these songs are for you? They are some of the most difficult passages to sing for me. There is definitely a limit to how long I can properly reproduce these passages before running out of gas. Wondering if others have the same experience with these types of vocals, and what your thoughts are on why this is.

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    zoomchaserzoomchaser Member Posts: 2
    One thing I find with these songs, like The Pretender, is that I get physically tired around my jaw, near the ears. I'm assuming it's because I don;t have proper technique. There are very few songs that make me physically sore in the jaw, but these are a few examples. I think you;re right that it's where the pitch is. Higher stuff, like Skid Row, Bon Jovi etc, I find relatively easy. Even DIO material is not nearly as difficult relatively speaking. Must just be were these vocal parts are, pitch-wise. Yeah, adding grit is another matter entirely. Fairly easy in other ranges (higher or lower), but at these pitches, just makes it that much more difficult.
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