Coming to a firepit near you

Hi all,
I am about three weeks into the program. Taking my time with it. In fact I was on the mailing list for over a year picking up little nuggets of wisdom along the way but I finally decided to make the commitment.
I have been playing guitar for a number of decades now and while I do sing along I am never happy with my voice. I perform for my friends at BBQs and fire pits purely for the fun of it.

My first singing experience was when I was about 12 years old at the boardwalk in Wildwood NJ where they record you singing in a recording booth. At that point in my life I have never heard a recording of my own voice but was pretty sure I sounded like Bono.
I, along with everyone on the boardwalk within an earshot, found out at the same time I didn't. It nearly killed me.

To this day I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For but I really hope this it. I'm giving it my all.

By the way, I have been checking out the forums and they are excellent. Kudos for putting together such a supportive community. I will be leaning on you all a lot.



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