Tom Petty- American Girl


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    Good. I hear a beginner's voice, that's clear. There is a narrow neck, a strangled voice. Especially during high notes. The voice is also sharp enough. But all beginners have it. During two years of exercise, a soft, pleasant tone of voice can be achieved. I did it after 1.5 years. From what I hear, you sing only a few weeks or months. If they played this version on the radio, I would turn off the radio.
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    @KenfromCZ thanks for your feedback
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    Good attempt there had a listen to the original and your pretty close to that, one thing I would say try to soften the tone especially at the start of the song original singer sounds a little more smooth and may be record the vocals slightly louder.

    Other than that nice job and playing the piano as well Kudos.

    Vocality :)
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    So I thought it was an artistic choice to go for that sound. Very Tom petty-ish. Also found the approach in piano interesting. I never would’ve thought it was possible to do it on just piano. I’m going to say good job. The only thing I felt could’ve been better was the word keep in the first pre chorus fell a little out of pitch. I’m surprised no one said that but other than that I think you did great. Was that sound an artistic choice trying to copy petty? And if what ken says is correct,you’ve only been singing for a few weeks then it’s even better. If that’s the case your gonna do really well
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    @Vocality thank you

    @sjonrokz4u thanks for your feedback. No, it was not an artistic choice to try to copy Tom Petty, I think my voice just kind of naturally sounds like his. I've been doing the course for Over a year-and-a-half though, not a couple of weeks. LOL

    I did try to copy Tom Petty's vocal run on the word keep, yes that's a tricky one.
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    hi Michael, great song choice. and I think your version sounds cool! seems very tricky with the piano. I am not sure if it is syncopation or what, and if it is meant like that or not, but sometimes it seems to vary in tempo a bit (for example "waves... crashing on the beach" the ... seems a bit long, or at least it feels like it to me). but then, i knew a punk cover of the song first before i ever heard the original, and to be honest, after that, also the original sounds pretty weird timing-wise...

    the instrumental at the end, I am not so sure if that works so well, not sure why. could be the arrangement with the single piano, or what you play, can't really say. again it might be because of said cover, where it is different and of course much shorter.

    here is the cover, listen at your own risk:

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    @Klaus_T Regarding timing issues in this recording, I am aware of them. I recorded the piano and vocals separately, and even some of the piano parts are recorded separately and pasted together. So the timing is a bit off. That will all come together once I start practicing playing and singing this song at the same time, so I'm not really so concerned with that at this point. Just let me know what you think overall of the piano arrangement and the vocals, kind of ignoring the timing issues and disjointed nature of it. I will smooth out the timing issues, that's just a matter of repetition and practice.

    I first want to make sure I have the framework of something good in place before I start practicing it over and over.
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    I think you do but how do you feel about it when you listen to it?
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    @sjonrokz4u i think it's ok, but i also find it a bit difficult to judge my own singing, which is why i post on here!
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    no worries about your singing, it sounds good now and by the time you are done building your set your voice will have grown even more.

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    I know that my opinion is tough and strict. I practice 1.5 years a day. And my sing is not better than from Michael 4000. Maybe even worse. If I could hear myself on the radio, I would also shut down.

    Excuse my English.
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    @Michael4000 I've only just got round to listening, I think it's all been said for this track already. Look forward to it once you have it polished.

    @KenfromCZ you have my respect for putting this up and showing us that your comments are not just trying to put someone down, you are also in the same boat as the rest of us and doing your best to become better.

    Good singing to you all!
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    Occasionally there are also professional singers (recordings) on the radio that cannot be listened to. And that is my benchmark for me and others. Shortly, must be listenable on the radio. Pleasantly listenable. Then it's a good singing or a song. Thats my scale for my and others.
  • @KenfromCZ It's obviously fine for you to use that scale, but when posting on these forums, the feedback needs to be constructive and refer to Ken's techniques. Saying you would switch off if someone's version came on the radio is neither of those things. Everyone here is a student or someone who is using Ken's YouTube videos, and they are posting to see if they are applying Ken's lessons correctly. This isn't a blunt, talent contest kind of site, but a teaching environment. Please be sure to bear that in mind in future.
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    Agree with @Sophia. It wasn’t supportive in the least and when @Countryguy guy responded and kind of stood up for him he got reprimanded. We are supposed to be supportive and positive influences on here Trust me I get the scale you measure by I use the same one in the real world for myself and other people but this is a place where everyone relies on getting helped by support and suggestions. They can that kind of help from anybody just walking down the street
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    Were friendly here lets keep it that way, bad comments can be hurtful especially when you put your heart and soul into something. Friendly advice is much more positive and helpful were all striving for success in our own way, lets help each other get there!!!!!
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    I'd rather someone tell me the truth than blow smoke that said there are more tactful/constructive ways to do so, still I admire honesty.
  • Everyone has their own preferences, but for this forum, the only preference that counts is Ken's.

    No name-calling. Don't put people down. Refer to Ken's methods when making suggestions.

    As a general helpful guide, you can use, "Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?" If at least two of those things don't apply to what you're posting, don't say it. There are better ways of helping each other than that.

    Let's move on from this and get back to commenting on Michael4000's recording.
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    The truth is that VENEREA - American Girl - as the original, sounds worse than the Michael 4000 version. There is also a strangled voice and a narrow neck. It is necessary to write that Michael has a voice even more strangled than in the original. Still, its version sounds more pleasant than the original. It is kind and encouraging is, that if Michael will sings for an hour every day (KTVA methodes) , the tension in his throat will disappear and the song American Girl will in Michael version better than the original. Maybe much better.
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    @KenfromCZ thanks for sharing this version, I was not familiar with it. Tom Petty sings the original though. It is worth noting that in this cover version you posted, the singer dodges the high note "am-ER-i-can" girl. The "ER" in "American" is a G4 which is fairly high for chest voice in the male range.

    Regarding the manner in which you critiqued me, I personally was not hurt or insulted, however I am one who likes tough feedback. Also, I have been in this program now for over 1.5 years and feel that I am pretty decent at this point (although I still have moments of self doubt about my singing ability). I think your critique might be very discouraging to someone who is a beginner or not as thick skinned as me. So I agree with the comments by @Sophia @Vocality @sjonrokz4u

    Thank you all, I appreciate everyone's feedback!

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    Damn, there was a misunderstanding. Me and maybe someone else didn't know that the original was from Tom Pretty. That is, of course, sung perfectly.
    There is a lot of emotion in it, as it should be. And finally my favorite saying. You can doubt the meaning of life. You can doubt the meaning of the whole universe. But never. You must never doubt yourself.
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