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How do you guys hear your real voice

I have heard that you can hear your real voice by placing hands on both side of your ears (is this real?) and recording voice isn't accurate but I'd rather still do recordings. The only way I have to record myself is by using my phone 😂 Does phone recording make you drive the wrong way? I mean instead learning by yourself you're relying to voice you heard from the recording and improving it the way you heard from it. I hope you get it 🤦😂 Just give me options to hear my real voice. Thanks guys this forum is very useful :wink:


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    VocalityVocality 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,602
    edited February 2020

    Recording yourself, hearing back the recording and that will give you an true representation on how well your singing. Doesent matter what you use to record the quality maybe effected not the pitch. One thing to bear in mind best to use headphones with a mic so you can hear both your voice and the music together. When singing in a room without headphones we get the doppler effect, the room accoustics can make the audio sound a little flatter to the correct pitch where headphones gives you accurate direct feedback.

    Hope this helps

    Vocality :)
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    @rodel you should get the Smule app. It’s excellent for recording vocals and I can hear myself a lot better as well as hear the music a lot better just like Vocality mentioned, for when you record with your headphones on.
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