Newbie from France

Hi everyone!

I follow Ken on youtube since several years and decided to join the forum.
I had several voice teachers here in France but the result is an absolute disaster :'(
The last one told me to focus only on breath and all the rest was bullshit for him... I finally escaped after 3 lessons.

I am here to understand what is going wrong and why my voice is blocked...
My dream is (still) to sing reggae-rock in the style of Sting with the Police... :)

I am also a bass player and have a lot of fretted and fretless basses, included this Ibanez Musician:


  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,405
    bonjour, welcome to the forum! have you considered buying the course? it is really worth it. I am not sure how your vocal teachers' rates were, but probably you will have spent much more on a few lessons, than what this course costs (and then, you are sorted for the rest of your life with vocal lessons). and it WILL get you results if you do the workouts properly. I was hoping that we would hear you in the video, but The Police is also ok I guess ;) I like reggae too
  • OnAirOnAir Member Posts: 8
    Thank you.
    Yes I am thinking about buying the course in the future.
    I will post a sample in the right section but I first need to record something.
    Maybe I will record a demo on which my voice blocks so you will be able to identify the main issue.
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    I wish there were some sort of accreditation people had to go through to call themselves vocal teacher/coaches. Fact is anyone can call themselves such and it’s bs to have to spend big sums of money to discover they are full of it.

    Perhaps look for a vocal teacher that actually holds a degree in vocal pedagogy would be one way to increase the odds they even know what they’re talking about.

    Another way which Ken will remind you about in all of his videos is to listen to their students. Can their students sing?
  • sjonrokz4usjonrokz4u 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,287
    Agree with Chris on the degree. That’s what I went out and found after my first person. She’s made a difference
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    You're right Chris.
    The last "coach" claimed everything was about breathing and pulling the belly inward!
    He spent half of the course speaking about his own life, the goal being to stop focusing on high notes for a while before performing a new attempt...
    Mask, throat, jaw, tongue, chest, mix voice, belting were bs concepts for him...
    Now it's hard for me to recover.... but I'm here :)
  • doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management Posts: 3,978
    Hi @OnAir,

    luckily I was spared from having such bad experiences. When I looked around on YouTube a year and a half ago, I found Ken quickly and decided to buy the course. The best investment I've ever made in my life.

    If you are serious about singing, then I could recommend you to buy the course and learn it step by step with us here in the forum. You will be amazed at how your voice will grow.

    Marco (Doc)
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    I finally recorded a song.
    Could you kindly give me some comments?
    Forget my accent, I know it's not good :#
    I try to practice this song for years but without positive results.
    Will you be able to identify my weak points? How can I strengthen my voice?
    I know a note is completely out of tune on the last chorus ("where women glow").
  • doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management Posts: 3,978
    Bonjour Alan, @OnAir

    not bad. Don't worry about your accent that much. You won't believe how german I sounded when I started. This comes with practice.

    You want us to identify your "weak" points. Personally, I think, you would benefit the most from working on the real cornerstones Ken teaches us: Open throat, diaphragmatic support and resonance (Ping). To my ears you voice sounds a little bit weak and airy. You can fix that easily by learning good singing technique. If you can not afford the course I would like to recommend to you to set up your own exercise routine with Ken's free videos. Focus on the bright and open "AH", like in "La PhArmAcie". This is the only sound that will help your voice to grow.

    Marco (D'Allemagne)

    PS.: Nous sommes avec vous en ces temps de panique.
  • OnAirOnAir Member Posts: 8
    Hi Marco!

    Vielen Dank fûer Deine Antwort.
    Yes you are right, my singing voice is weak and airy, but my speaking voice not at all...
    I will try the exercises you mentionned.
    And maybe will I order the course in the future because I don't want to give up (even though some say I should stop and focus on bass guitar).

    Wish you a good week.
    Take care and be careful, das ist keine Grippe...

  • Edukator99Edukator99 2.0 PRO Posts: 57
    HI there,

    Don't quit on singing. Your music background gives you lots that you need: pitch, rhythm etc. I'm new to this - 7 weeks or so but, here's my input. Your voice sounds blocked. If you were to practice the "LAH" sound with proper diaphramatic support you'll develop an "open throat" which gives our voice resonance. It's just technique and it's learnable - like how to position your hands on the bass.
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