Dream Theater "The Spirit Carries On" vocal cover by KTVA student Alex Deitemeyer (First Attempt)

This is my first attempt at covering "The Spirit Carries on" by Dream Theater and I'm still working on perfecting Blackbird by Alter Bridge. Hope you guys enjoy and feedback is always appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDqR_Qre9n8


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    I haven't listened to dream theatre for ages, I can't even remember any of their songs so I have no idea if you are trying to copy their sound. With that in mind, here are a few things I would suggest.

    A breathy tone should still be well supported, keep the same engagement you do on the brighter notes, it will help with consistent air flow.

    Around 1:40 as the song kicks into gear, its fine to use mask but try dial it back a bit, too forward of placement will have more nasality which I think you are on the cusp of. Get the sound to project a bit more from the back of your throat.

    Keep practicing and try to grow resonance. I like the songs you choose to sing, I listened to heaps of rock and metal a few years ago. In flames and five finger death punch are 2 favourites that spring to mind🤘🏼

    Lastly not related to music, placing your phone on a little tripod or against something makes the viewing much more pleasant for those that get motion sickness. 😉

    Keep it up!
    @Wigs it has been awhile since I had sung songs where I go light and a little airy on the sound. I have covered a few dream theater songs in the past and some people have told me that my tone is a little similar to James LaBrie in a way (not always the case)

    I don’t listen to five finger death punch as much but I have listened to in flames a lot back in 2017.

    Also I will take your suggestions into account.
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