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So I dont think im really anywhere near ready to record. Im just really bored with sitting at a piano going through scales everyday and breathing exercises with no way to apply it. Ive been looking into leasing a song so that way i have an actual goal to work towards and a way to apply everything learned. There is a few websites out there for leasing songs, but ive noticed something in common when it comes to legality stuff they leave it very vague. A basic run down of every website i have seen is something like this " You are leasing the lyrics and chords of this master for this time period, once you record that is your master, you have to send your recorded master to the leasing company so they can approve it to be released, also to pay the songwriters/musicians For every $1.00 you make, you keep $0.70, for streaming websites you keep 70% of profits you can renew your lease at anytime" i have sent private emails to the companies regarding my own research that says to perform it live, and record a music video (because the lyrics and chords arent mine) i would need a separate lease for those as well, how ever the companies are telling me that as long as iam performing my recorded master i wouldn't need those. but im not seeing really anykind of contract info either. Dont wanna get in trouble with legality stuff and also dont want to be disrespectful to other artists out there either. I live in Tennessee the country music capital and belive it or not I CANT FIND AN ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER!!!!!!!! if you guys have any secrets or in-tell it would be greatly appreciated :smiley:


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    Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,406
    if i get it right you want to practice actual songs as opposed to scales?

    in your own home without any paying audience?

    you don't need any rights cleared to do that. what's your favourite song? use google to find the music sheets (or even easier just chord sheets) and play them.

    you can still think about original material (even if written by someone else) but i wouldn't spend money on songs to practice. there are enough good songs out there already.

    hope i got it right and that was your question
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    miahangel2084miahangel2084 2.0 PRO Posts: 7
    still want to record because i have to work under pressure if not i will procrastinate and never do it lol with a lease agreement i have a deadline so that will motivate me to get it done, still looking for an entertainment lawyer or where i could find one
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    sjonrokz4usjonrokz4u 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,287
    Are you wanting to release your covers to the public and receive financial compensation for the recordings? If not aren’t you kinda throwing money away? Attorneys are expensive. Why not look for a band or set a particular date to do karaoke? I may be missing something but it sounds like your just wanting to apply what your learning to get better. I record every night I practice songs but I’m not releasing them to the public for pay. However I believe here in St. Louis there’s entertainment attorneys at greensfelder hemker. The guy that they had used to do an entertainment and entertainment law radio show also here’s a link that may help you
    But if your not trying to make money........
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