Hello from Israel

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Hi guys,
I'm Ido, and I found out about this only today from a friend of mine.
I started going to a local vocal coach which is actually pretty great, but I wanted something I can do at home without hearing myself over the recording of the exercises so I bought the course. Still haven't gotten around to exercising it (probably will tommorow), but from the few videos I watched on youtube as well as of the start of the course, it seems totally worth the money, and also revalidates that I actually stumbled across a good vocal coach in my local one which I probably will continue going to since 1 on 1 sessions feel helpful to me.
I actually started singing because I really got hooked on musicals, and we're actually making a production of wicked which I am working on a song for an audition for fiyero (the start of dancing through life), though I still struggle with the high notes there as I am a baritone and been only doing vocal training for 6 months once a week.
Anyways, cheers.


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    Hello and welcome to the course! I'm glad to hear that you should be able to work with your coach side by side with the course. A word of caution though, if you receive any conflicting information to what is discussed in KTVA we will always tell you to follow the course and not your teacher since this is Ken's course and forum.

    However there is so much info here to help you grow your voice that I'm sure you will see lots of improvements over the course of a year🙂 have a good dig around the student area of the forum, especially new student demos and the ah vowel to get you started.
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    Yes, of course I understand that and will be wary of that, though it kind of makes me feel even happier with my teacher since it really seems she knows what she's doing.
    Ken explains it in much more detail as to why we do things in a certain order and what not, but as to the order itself, so far from what I see from volume 1 (finished watching the videos of it and started the exercises) she actually focused on that and made me practice focusing on the ideas of volume 1 for the past half a year (though I only did it once a week so the progress may have been slower then what this course can produce if I do it daily).
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