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Hi guys, what are your thoughts on singers like Robert Smith (The Cure) and Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge, Slash) and the fact that they both (though very different) have big powerful 'clean' styles of singing. A lot of people if you read comments on YouTube of live performances from Robert Smith the last few years are so complimentary on how 'his voice hasn't changed' and 'still sounds the same as in his 20s'.. and how he has never lost it basically. As a singer I observe this myself and I have to agree. If you sit and compare his voice from his 20s to now.. he still has the same sound, power and emotion etc. Nothing is missing. Whearas a singer like say Axl Rose or a more 'rough' style of singing.. you can clearly hear the change in their vocals from youth to now. Do you think it's a case of clean singing, and natural voice singing is safer, therefore lasts longer? Lifestyle obvioulsy plays a lot into this too.. and technique obviously. But just curious as on the other hand Robert Smith doesn't 'look' very healthy and fit, I don't mean this in a nasty way, but hardly someone who runs on a treadmil every day, not the most athletic 'healthy' looking. So on appearance, he looks slightly out of shape etc, yet his voice is still very much in shape and unbelievably good.....thoughts?
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