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Do any of you find when been though stressful times in life, your singing struggles a bit. Like if you're not in the right frame of mind, you can sing first few songs fine.. then your mind races during a set and you suddenly feel less relaxed, more tense like your breathing and voice is tighter etc. Then you talk yourself out of it and sing the next few songs okay again..?


  • WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
    I don't sing sets, it's just for fun but I understand what you mean. It can be a mental game sometimes when you feel the pressure to "perform".
  • RaulcaldeiraRaulcaldeira Member Posts: 2
    I have never felt a direct affect in singing because of stress, but in stressful times you could have insomnia which take you down physically, if don´t sleep well the nigh before a show well it makes harder to perform, so stress and anxiety can affect you in that way
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    Yeah, I'm especially stressed because I am still doing volume one after having ken's course for a year, this is completely my fault! Also, the fact that when I go to certain peoples houses, I want to practice singing and people tell me to shut up!! And when I don't do anything, they tell me to do something!! What do you want me to do then?! :(
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    Interesting topic. Stress can influence your mindset, and that can then have an influence on many other things in life. It could make the 'pressure to perform' even worse for example. Also, it will depend on the amount of stress, and where the stress originates from.

    It's important to deal with your stress and know where it originates from. If you know, there might be something you can do to improve.
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    i suggest doing yoga and/or light bodyweight exercise, and do a bit of stretching as well. stress equals tension, if you know how tension feels and know how to release it, you have more control over your stress levels as well (even if you cannot change the cause of the stress directly, because it might come from the outside, like work, schedules etc). i notice that it works for me. for example, if someone insults you, or cuts into your lane on the highway etc, you tense up. since i practice the above things, i am more aware of tension in my body, and it is then easier to dismiss the situation, by actively relaxing the muscles. i can recommend the "morning flow" exercises that you can find on Mike Chang's YT channel for a one-stop solution. you can also come up with your own routine, but i suggest you give this a try. he seems to ramble on a bit, but what he says actually does work (at least it did for me). before, i was never aware of this connection between stretching and stress control, i always thought it was just to have more flexibility in your body, but it is actually a lot more than just that
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    Wow thanks for the responses and advice guys I appreciate it! :smiley:
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