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Running To Stand Still - First Upload

Well...sorta. I uploaded it to another area - didn't realize this area existed on the Forum.

7 weeks ago I thought I could sing then recorded myself signing With or Without You and was horrified. I have a little singing background - somehow was cast as Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar in highschool with NO musical background. I think I was one of the few who could hit the high notes. Joined a choir for a few months 10 years later. Haven't sung in 20 years.(I'm 45 now)

Couldn't believe how bad my singing sounded even if when I was hitting the notes.

Anyway, 7 weeks later. I'm proud of this one! it's not perfect but it sounds like a legit vocal at least.


Still working on With or Without You. This song has much less of a range to deal with.
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