Hello from Denmark

Hello everyone :smile:

I am Anna, from Denmark - just turned 51 today and I thought I would treat myself to Ken Tamplin's course.

I have watched the free videos and I am really eager to learn to be a better singer!

All my life, I have enjoyed singing and I practically sing and hum everywhere. I used to be in a choir. But I have always told myself that I wasn't a very good singer.
It wasn't until 5 years ago - when I was 46 :neutral: .. that I joined a band as a keyboard player and did the backing vocals, only to discover that my singing was fine! I got less and less shy and my voice got better and better.
I joined another band as a lead singer and I am doing well, but I have still much to learn.

I live by one important rule: it is never too late FOR ANYTHING! I hope I am right about this one, too :smiley:


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