OK...I'm either very brave or very stupid to post this demo....anyway here it is. I have pretty basic recording equipment (I'm actually using a cheap Logitech microphone) so please excuse some distortion in places, in particular the high stuff (of which I seem to nail in practice but seem to loose it when recording...confidence maybe) sorry. I have also recorded with a touch of reverb....I'm sure you will all pick that up. Also due to my recording techniques I would ask anyone listening to this demo to use headphones. Let me know/ critique this peice.


Cheers Tom


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    I don't think your either very brave or very stupid to post your demo.  The recording levels are inconsistent, but that's another matter.

    I really like the beginning.  At that point the vocal recording is pretty clear.  Your voice sounds very good at that point.  This is a difficult piece.  As it gets louder (on the vocals, especially) it gets distorted and harder to listen to.  You might try some mic technique and dodge the mic physically as your voice gets louder and higher... An inexpensive compressor/limiter  (like a behringer) would help, too, but you still need mic technique to avoid overloading the record levels.  If your recording software has a V.U. meter or some other type of level indicator, you could watch that as you record and try to avoid peaking the record levels out. 

    In some of the lower parts in the middle of the song it sounds like you could use a little more support.  The air sounds a little inconsistent, and more support would shore up those portions of your performance.  You seem to be supporting well on all of the strong high parts.  You probably let your guard down on the lower parts because they aren't as hard to sing as the high parts. 

    Again, I would say that the beginning sounds excellent, and if you could manage to get more consistency in the vocal recording levels and your support, you could do a very good job on this entire piece.

    We haven't heard from you for a while, Tom.  Nice to see you here again.


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    Thanks Bob. Well like I said, I had to use a logitec head set actually! so the head set stays in one position so for me to use any mic technique is quite impossible. I actually do have 2 other microphones (one being a MP75) however because of where I live (in an apartment) to do a 'live' recording is just not on hence the 'ol cheap one has to be used. Im actually using headphones to here the music and singing that way. This can also play havoc with pitch and such because I can only just hear myself even if I turn the volume to my ears low so I can at least hear something.....its called recording a demo the hard way !....not ideal...ha.

    Again, sorry about this...its very fustrating as I would really love to send you something better...matbe I should move to the country so I can set up a real studio set up.

    Anyway. thaks for listening and I value your comments.

    Cheers Tom

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    Hi, Tom. 

    As information, when I got to soundcloud, it didn't take me to your recording.  I had to do a search in soundcloud on sealrose, and there I found your recordings.

    Your recording actually sounds pretty good, considering you were using a headset inexpensive mic.  It's just not made for high-fidelity sound.  You certainly would have a hard time dodging the mic with it strapped to your head! Haha!



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