Hello from Virginia

phudgeonphudgeon 2.0 PRO Posts: 2
Hi everyone! I just started on my lessons last night, and I thought I'd introduce myself, since I might have some questions and input here on the forums down the road. I'm Paul, and I live in Virginia. Up until recently I've just sang privately, but it's a lot of singing. I sing in the shower, sing at home, sing on my almost three hours of daily commuting, etc. I say up until recently because I've been having a lot of fun with using the Smule app this past month, connecting with other people doing duets. I don't do any performances or anything. I just have a passion for singing and decided to put some time into growing my voice.

After the first few videos, I can already tell that I'll be glad that I put in the time. I would have never consciously thought about modifying vowel sounds to reach certain notes. I think I do it to a certain extent without thinking about it, but I can see how being mindful of these kinds of things can really have an impact, and help to do things with my voice that I couldn't do before. I'm looking forward to continuing along in the course, and I'm really looking forward to growing and connecting with other singers.


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