Hi Bob. Tom again. This demo is a Foreiner tune 'Cold as Ice'. Again Ive had to record the same
way as always, however I think this one has not turned out that bad. Ive miced up the vocals on
purpose so Im more audioble. You will also notice that my vocals are recorded over the origonal
piece.....its quite cool having Lou Gramm doing backing vocals for me.....just kidding. I really
enjoyed doing this and didnt think it turned out that badly actually.
Cheers Tom (sealrose)


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    This is a very tough song to sing.  I'm not ready for this one myself. 

    Your voice is very strong and you have a good range.  There are a few of the very high, tough notes where you are a little flat (not that I could hit them).  These are the places where we have to really develop that incredible support.  When we have sufficient support, we don't have to strain our vocal cords and reach to do them, we lean on our support and just let them out. 

    I have to tell you that I'm working on my own support all  the time.  When it's working for me and I'm on top of it, I have a much easier time with accuracy up top.  When it's not, I struggle. 

    You're like me in that you are biting off some of the toughest songs in rock history to challenge yourself and grow your voice.  I think you're also wise enough to take constructive criticism and run with it to the goal line! 

    Good job on this one, and keep recording and comparing.  It's the fast track to making the improvements we all need to go through to really polish our vocal presentations.


  • sealrosesealrose Enrolled Posts: 162

    Thanks again Bob. The thing about the tunes I do perform on my demos are just songs that I really love and can relate to them fully. I get get quite expressive and use quite a few hand movements duiring a performance (even on home demos) almost act it out in my head so to speak.

    The truth is that Id probebly suck trying to sing a piece I dont really like...but there you go.

    I really do enjoy working with you because of your knowledge, dedication to us students and your own talent (heard your demos and have commented on them)

    Cheers mate Tom

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