Another tune Bob. Nice light tune. David Gates is one of my favorite artists/song writers so it was cool to do this. Hope the audio is good here.

Take care mate.

Tom (sealrose)



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    Good pitch.  Good tone.  You still could improve your support, this time especially on the very light and high parts (which seems a little counterintuitive, to have to support more on light parts...).

    Also, along a similar line, watch the releases of the ends of phrases and long notes.  Be careful with these, because there can be a tendency to go "whew.  That's over!" and lose support.  So an improvement would be if you do your cutoffs with a nice, rounded and measured release it will clean up your track a little more.

    The recording is good on this one, no distortion on the recording itself.  Good job.  I would like to hear a little more of your voice in the mix on all of these I've listened to so far.  Your voice sits well in the mix, but it's a little harder to give good evaluations if your accompaniment is covering the finer details of your voice.  Yes, I want to hear the flaws, as well as the things you are doing right, so that we can polish the little fine points and bring out the best in your voice.  That requires taking a close listen and an open mind.  My head is about as empty as they get, so I just offer constructive criticism and call it like I hear it.

    I'll listen to your other tunes a little later, my video files for today's webinar just finished churning, and I've got to do some editing now.


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    Cheers my friend. Personally, I also feel I need better support in the low end (this seems to be a common thing wwith everthing I do) I sometimes think I need to slow it down a bit word by word line by line to get better support and acheive a better pitch and do tend to get lazy or take it for granted that the 'easier' part will just fall into place so-to-speak (pretty much what you were refering to on my Gathsamane) Do you agree with that?

     I really tried to maintain a certain sensitivity in my upper mid voice in this tune in particular....this type of style (Bread/Aurbrey) is quite easy to mess up.....this stuff is not easy but let tell you that your input and comments are really helping you've got a great way of explaining things. No wonder you'r a moderator.

    Hey by the way, have you got a tune or two (sining of course) that I can listen to?

    Cheers mate, Tom

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    Here are a couple of tunes I posted a while back.  I need to do some more, but life has been busy.  I'll get to some more this spring, for sure!

    One of these is by David Gates, as well!  Small world, isn't it.  I know what you mean by the difficulties in singing the more delicate passages.  It takes a lot of care to do properly.




    They're far from perfect, but we're all here to grow and to help others along the way!




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    Hey Bob.

    You're too modest my friend. You have a really unique voice by the way. Ilike it I really do! You're belting on the FLML (Bad co.) DA DA  DA DA DA FELL LIKE MAKING.....is wow man! Im inspired to do a demo of this tune....Big fan of Bad co. (Paul Rogers is one of my favorites) been listening to them before I was listening to nursery rhymes!!! Im now 49...ha.

    Your bread tune is fantastic......just brilliant...what more can I say. Say Bob where are you from by the way?

    All the best Tom

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    I'm in the USA in Oregon.  Lived in California for a portion of my life, Texas before that, and grew up in Oklahoma.

    Thanks for the compliments on my voice.  I've really been working Ken's program a lot even since these demos were made.  KTVA is da bomb!


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