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Where and how would you like me to post my videos? What kind of format would you prefer? ETC..

KikiKiki Enrolled Posts: 11

Hi Ken, Ki ~ here

I taped myself doing all of the vocal exercises with Divas #2 along side. I then recorded myself singing Evergreen (beautiful composition!) What format would you prefer to view it in. Does m2ts work for you? I tried to open it on my computer just using windows media but it kicked out the volume???

There are 16 videos. The first one is my introduction; the rest are individual pieces for each exercise and the last one is my Evergreen sample. Feel free to use these as "what not to dos" or "what to do" or "this is how to fix this..." for the entire forum or for selected students. Use and abuse them you have full rights:) Keep in mind these are the post op examples of what is wrong with my vocals now. I am saddened (cry everyday!) and embarrassed but humbled all at the same time. I will do anything you tell me to!!!!!!!!!!! Mold me Meistro!

So let me know how you would like them and where you want them uploaded to. THANKS AGAIN!! I don't know what I will do if it can't be recovered. Ki ~


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  • Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Administrator, Moderator Posts: 446

    Kiki, can you post a link here for which video you would like me to review so I can best help you.

    Also: I am not an ENT nor do I claim to be one however I have consulted with many to help people with seriously vocal fold issues.

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