Jack Leininger: Introduction -- I love doing Rock, R&B, Blues, and Standards. (Sample herein too).

Hi Everyone! Jack Leininger here. I love doing Classic Rock, R&B, Blues, Standards, Pop, Christian Rock/ Pop/ Gospel, and Oldies Rock & Roll. Here's a video I did outside my office on a walk break. The AirPods phased out just a pinch in a couple of spots (due to a light breeze), and I think I had some reverb or delay a little hot, but I like it and am proud of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pubCjaG3lVs&list=PLgWnpkHIOxODcOu_ozseEutj4vL21mj6r&index=5

I'm almost 50, and some of my favorite musical memories include seeing Elvis Presley live in '76, as well as enjoying several great Journey concerts in the mid to late 80's, a big Santana reunion concert in the late mid to late 80's and getting to meet those wonderful people, watching Steve Perry perform "Let It Be Me" at Neal Schon's second wedding (in 1987), singing at John Lee Hooker's memorial service (in 2001), seeing Prince perform live (early 2000's) and singing at Cannery Row a few times in Oakland with Zakiya Hooker and Chris James of the Natural Four (that was in the late 90's).

I'm here because it's definitely time to get professional and develop my personal brand. I am sure Ken's Vocal Acadamy is the right place for me to do that.

Nice to meet you all and I can't wait to listen to some of your stuff!

@Ken Tamplin -- is this the right place to get a video critiqued?

Very Sincerely,

Jack Leininger


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    Nice job on your tune, Jack! Were you singing that live on your walk? If so, do you have a separate mic, or is that your phone? Sounds too good! I don't hear any sound from the outside environment.

    There are demo areas for newbies and also for the BOLD a little deeper in the forums. That would be better. This is more of a "howdy" area here.

    I might have been at that same Santana reunion concert you went to, if it was at the Shorleline Ampitheater in Mountainview, CA. They had 17 former members (and a lot of their kids, too) onstage for the finale.

    Saw John Lee Hooker outdoors at San Jose State University around that time, too.

    Welcome to the forums!

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    JackLeiningerJackLeininger Member Posts: 31
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    @highmtn Bob, Thanks very much! I'll look up some of your stuff soon! And yes, I was definitely singing while walking. AirPods are pretty cool like that. I want to get a hold of the pro version sometime soon! Really cool we might have both been at that reunion. Yes, that was definitely the one. ...btw, I did put a couple more out on the BOLD one.

    Thanks for the welcome!

    Very Sincerely,

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