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Can someone check out my voice? I am really struggling.

I just started with Ken's free youtube videos a week ago. I am really trying to figure out what is wrong with my voice.

You can see my sing on my instagram: @ Noahriichardson


I don't know if I am using my natural voice

i don't know if I'm using proper technique

I don't know if I'm warming up correctly

I know many things factor in I just want to be as consistent as possible.

I really just come to a point where I hate the sound of my voice, timbre and everything.

Would really love your feedback! Thanks guys.


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,353
    edited April 2020
    Hello, @NoahRichardson

    I don't have an instagram account. When I went there I saw many, many posts.
    With over 18,000 members here, we can't take the time to sift through multiple examples.

    Please submit one demo at a time, and wait for a response.

    Please don't post the same post in multiple places. I know you didn't do that, but this is just information for any who are reading this post.

    In order to hear any of them, instagram wanted me to open up an account.

    That's not how we do demo evaluations here. Opening account after account for every post exposes us to too much spam and possible computer viruses or other such issues.

    Please choose one example that does not require opening an account on some other site.

    We ask that you post either on soundcloud or YouTube.

    The best thing that you could possibly post is you doing one of the scales from one of Ken's YouTube Videos, such as Ken Tamplin Vocal Warmups.

    Search YouTube for Ken Tamplin Vocal Warmups and you will find it.

    Please record yourself doing one of Ken's scales and post a link here to one example on YouTube.

    We can give your feedback here, on the forums.

    I also noticed when I searched for you, that you opened two accounts on the forums. The first one had your name spelled with two i's instead of one. I deleted that account. You are only allowed one account on the forums.

    I also moved this thread from Reviews of the KTVA program to Demos for Newbies.

    This is not a review of Ken's program. It is a request for us give feedback on your demo.


  • NoahRichardsonNoahRichardson Member Posts: 2

    Hey Bob thanks for the feedback, let me know if this works!
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,353
    It's a little bit hard seeing you sideways, but at least it posted so we don't have to go off-site to hear you.

    Your pitch is good. You should brighten your tone a bit.

    On the higher notes you'll need to apply more support to hold back the volume and you'll also need to modify the Aye vowel to more like uh as in love and later oo as in look.

    Overall, you sound pretty good.
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