A few LAHs

Hi, guys! I recorded this yesterday and thought "why not post it and get a few opinions?". So here it is.

I know I went way out of tune in the last scale (and in a few other spots) but didn't feel like re-recording it.

And I have a question: would you say I was still in chest voice in the higher notes (I reach D5 in the last scale)? Cause that was my goal.



  • sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278

    hey sannino,


    This sounds pretty good.  Yes you are in a mix of head and chest at the top of the scale.  As you move up higher you will access more head voice into the tone.  The main thing is that your tone doesn't change all the way through your range.  The volume is nice and consistent and the tone is consistent.  Naturally shedding the weight as you approach the higher notes.  You could open up your Ah vowel even more at the beginning of your scale its the Lah like in the word luck.  You are modifiying nicely to Uh as in hook and Oo on top, just the bottom seems a little too closed to me.  By opening up the nice bright Ah on the bottom and keeping it open you may be able to delay your modifications even further bringing in Uh around the Bb4 region and Oo not until E5.  overall you are on the right track.  Great work

  • SanninoSannino Pro Posts: 66
    Thanks for the feedback, Scott! I will definately take your tips into account.

    See ya!
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