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Advice needed!

KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
Hey guys! I know it's been a long time since I've been around, college is really really hectic and yeah. I really need some advice from you guys!

It's not literally about singing but in a way, it is ;)! Please do read on!

So, it's more of like advice for my future. The thing is, from last year July onwards, I've been in College, studying Cambridge A-Levels. Studying Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths. However, the passion inside of me has always been Singing / Performing and always will be. 

I thought of going for Veterinarian Science so that my parents would agree then once I've gotten it, I'd do my music and sing after that. Hence, why my decision on going for A-Levels. 

Lately, it just hit me like I thought to myself, in the end, the thing I really really wanted to do was to sing and I didn't think it was necessary for me to studying Vet Sciences anyway. So yeah. I talked to my mom about it (again). The first time she rejected the whole idea of me singing but I guess after a few months later and now, she accepted the whole idea. 

So yeah, I haven't talked to my dad about it but I'll have to convince him no matter what, as it's one of the things I've ever dreamed of doing. Singing on stage, touring, performing, etc. 

The big question now is, I'm planning to drop my college studies as it has totally no link with what I wanna do (and I don't really enjoy studying it either). However, should I go for a degree in something related to music? Should I go for a degree in Music? I mean.. I have no idea but will having a degree in some music-related course help? Or maybe study vocals? (but I already have KTVA, unless I study classical singing?)

Personally, I'd rather concentrate on KTVA and build my voice and pick up instruments and learn how to write songs. Then again, I was just wondering, would a degree in something actually help?

So yeah! That's about it! 

Hope you guys can help a fellow KTVA-ian out! ;D!



  • voodoovoodoo Pro Posts: 250

    That is such a hard question.  You are at a major fork in the road and the path you take will affect the rest of your life in many ways.  No one can definitively tell you what you need to do as no one knows what's in your heart except you.   I'll just throw a few things out and maybe they will help as you come to your decision.

    1.  If what you are studying and what the careers that the degree that you're working towards do not interest you, then you need to at least change to a field that you like.  So many people end up working in jobs that they hate.  The best time to avoid that is at the age you are now.

    2.  You can definitely make a living as a singer (see all the bonus material Ken provides).  Having said that, being a singer/musician is a lot like being an actor or athlete.  It is harder to make a really good living at it (relatively speaking) then some other careers.  It is pretty easy to live with a little less money when you are young and single but many people's perspective changes after they get married and have children.   Having a degree is a way to provide a backup plan. 

    3.  Come up with a long-term plan with your head, be at peace with that plan in your heart, and then work to make that plan turn into reality.
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,353
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    Voodoo gives some solid, well-thought out advice.  No one can answer for you, but many of us can offer our thoughts and encouragement.

    Life is short. 

    Only the few manage to make a really good living, and become wealthy from music.  But some do really well.  Some terrible musicians are very successful, and some incredible musicians have very difficult lives.

    One thing that I know about you is that you gravitate towards performing, and have good leadership skills.  Perhaps a good track for you would be to become accredited academically as a vocal instructor.

    Use the talent that you have to put groceries on the table in a lifelong career that can run parallel with your likelihood of fronting bands as a night-time job.  Become a choir instructor in a school or a worship leader in a church. 

    With a strategy like this, you can keep trying for the brass ring of fame and fortune, while maintaining a paycheck at something you truly love to do.

    Others may encourage you to chuck school and go on the road. 

    I have to tell you that I started my young adult life that way.  It was fun while it lasted.  I signed a record contract when I was about your age. Went on the road.  Had the time of my life.  Eventually I came to a crossroads where that ended and I had to do something else.  That was a rough awakening for me.

    I have been very fortunate and have managed to find work all of my life, and have also been in some very good bands the entire time.  The combination of steady day work and steady gigs has been a great solution for me.  Granted, I work a lot more than most people do.  I have two jobs.  One that I love, and one that pays most of the bills.  The one that I love keeps me going. 

    I suggest you get credentials to allow you to maintain a career that will pay your bills and enable you to spend a lifetime playing good gigs and sharing your musical talent with your fans.  If you are lucky, you may someday have to make the decision to leave your day job and become a famous singer.  If not, you can still be an infamous singer that is very, very good, and you can have a very good life enjoying the music you love so much.

    Your father will probably be able to deal with a situation like this much more.

    I don't want to be a discouragement to you or anyone else reading this, but the music business can be tough.  There will be times when the gigs or opportunities aren't there.  That is a decision we all have to make for ourselves. 

    What I would wish for you is that you be able to continue singing in a professional setting throughout the rest of your life, and keep trying for the big time if fortune comes your way.  If not, you still have your music as a blessing to your life and a paycheck rolling in.

    I'm old enough to be most everybody here's father, maybe even grandfather.  I am so blessed to be still playing music regularly, in fact more than at any other time in my life, for decent money, and to be singing better than I ever have in my life!  It's what I look forward to all the time at my day job.  That and improving my voice...  And helping all of you...

    Rayhan, you have been an inspiration to us here on this forum, and we want you to blossom and grow to be all that you can!  Think about this for a while, if possible, before committing to a decision.  You may not have these options available to you later.

    All the Best to you, My Friend!



  • sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
    My Advice....veterinarian scientist that sings! The music biz is getting tougher by the minute. The average overnight success takes about 10 yrs of slugging it out. The music business is one of the most expensive careers to be in. Tje common saying is "how to make a million bucks in music? Invest 2!! Investment vs payoff is overwhelming. Unfortunately for me I have the bug and can do nothing else:) think carefully my friend, all the best!
  • KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
    Thanks guys for the advice!

    Thats a LOT of good advice! And Patrick, I actually thought of that HAHA! But it wouldn't be worth the 8 years of struggling in University. =| 

    I agree with all of your points and will think about them when deciding! Thanks so much guys! :D! I particularly love the though of being a vocal instructor haha! I personally have taught my school choir and I love to teach people to sing. Considering that I have KTVA knowledge, maybe it's something I can really consider. Of course, I wouldn't just teach people stuff on KTVA, that'd be ripping Ken off! I suppose if I were to be a vocal instructor, I'd have to study on classical singing? Then apply KTVA to it or something haha. Maybe I'll ask Ken about this o_o!

    I personally do believe I can make it as a singer. Some day, some how! You just gotta believe! That's my motto. Haha "if there's a will, there's a way". Oh and guys, I really do recommend this movie called "The Secret". Look it up on youtube "The Secret, Law of Attraction". It's not crap, it's the real deal. Really!

    Thanks for all the advice guys :)! Really appreciate it! I know this decision will affect the rest of my life and I understand that doing music may not pay as much as other jobs but I'm willing to go for it. :D

    "There are no bad decisions in life, just better decisions to be made."

  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,353

    Good plan, Rayhan.

    Let it stew for a while...  The answer will come to you.  Follow your heart... but don't forget where you put your wallet!!! Haha!

    We love you, Kokonuht!


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