What makes this singer great??!!

Van_JoghVan_Jogh 2.0 PRO Posts: 4
After a long couple weeks inside I stumbled upon the singer series with Ken giving some great explanations. Then I paid a little more attention not just to the singers mechanics but Ken as well. After taking local lessons for a over a year along with trying some other at home/in car courses I found myself missing something. Most of these don't show you what or how to do things. Explaining and following along with a piano is one thing but mechanics is a whole different thing.

I watched Steve Perry's live video and noticed he does an almost tension relaxation technique while not singing in between his notes. I watched some other videos from Ken and noticed he explained this to some extent.

So here I am jumping on board and downloading the course plus pro pack as I type this. I am looking forward to this new outlook and also hearing others progress. Rock on!


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