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(Tiny) Vocal Nodules

Hi Singers!

I discovered through an appt. with an ENT, I have two (he said, very tiny) throat nodules on my cords. This was about one month ago. He told me to not sing for 3+ weeks and cut out some bad habits I have. Long story short, I would sing at jazz clubs but doing thorough warm-up, lose breath support, and all the while eating and drinking (alcohol) and coffee late at night. I've learn my lesson. Anyway, I could feel over the past couple years this irritated my throat and my range. I knew something was wrong so went to see him a month ago when we were still in rehearsals for a show -- I was cast in musical which has since been cancelled of course since the Pandemic.

I'm at the point now where for about one month I've cut out some bad habits, however started singing the other day and could feel the same irritation and would lose my voice when going very high (which never was a problem before these nodules. I've been researching it's not a good idea to stop singing completely - especially when you're in your mid 30s - like any muscle or skill, the older you get and the less you use it, means it won't work the same. Apparently, I'm reading instead I should do some nodule therapy or singing. Not sure if I still have the nodules, but my instinct says I do. I'm wondering if anyone knows of SAFE warm-ups and/or therapy that I can do? I won't be able to see an ENT for a while to check if I still have them with his scope (too expensive to visit again with no insurance).

Any advice or links on building vocal strength and breath support without increasing them or irritating the nodules would help.
I appreciate thoughts and expertise of those whom I've been in the same scenario also!

Thanks -- peace and safety!
C. Marie


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