just bought the course: here's my BEFORE" demo video link

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Feedback wanted!



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    Video link below.

    So i haven't started the course yet... This was a little tribute to Bill Withere a week or so back. Would love some feedback, This is me prior to the course



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    If this is your starting point, man the course will take you to awesome heights! IF you are willing to unlearn a few things and have your view point on others challenged. I only say this because I assume you have quite a lot of experience based on this demo.

    Warm welcome to the course and forum mate, Im excited to hear where it takes you in 6 months!
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    I’m absolutely willing to "unlearn". literally 5 minutes of one of Ken's YouTube videos, changed a lot for me. I have a good voice but i have never had stamina, 4 / 5 songs in and i'm "risky"... LOL I was simply never taught how to sing.... so i'm ready for the challenge of starting at square one.

    I have very specific goals. Stamina, increase of range, and the joining of my call voice and head tone. So, what have i got to lose?? I'm in.
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