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irond76irond76 Volume 1 Posts: 6
where can i find the webinars so that i can watch them? in what area of the forum are they?

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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
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    The webinars are in a section of the forum that is accessible only to KTVA Enrolled students.  There are three levels of access to the KTVA forums.  Pro access is available to those who have purchased a KTVA bundle.  Enrolled access is available to those who have purchased any KTVA Volume One, Two, or Three.

    Those access levels have a huge number of KTVA forum topics available, as well as an entire section that contains recordings of all of the KTVA Webinars.  These webinars contain information that is intended to enhance and add to the information in the KTVA Stages.  The Pro section contains additional downloads and discussions that are not recommended unless you have first completed all three KTVA Stages. 

    Ken does allow non-students to attend the Webinars live during the broadcasts.   The next one will be

    Saturday, March 30, 10:00AM PST – How To Sing Pop Music

    The link to this webinar has not yet been published.  Keep watching the General Singing category for the posting, usually on the Tuesday evening before the broadcast.  You will find these very informative and enjoyable.  If you should happen to enroll in any of the KTVA courses, you will find your access to KTVA resources is greatly expanded.  If for some reason you have enrolled, but do not have access, please let me know and we will get that corrected. Good singing to you!Bob
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    irond76irond76 Volume 1 Posts: 6
    i have purchased volume one, but i do not know where to find the webinars, either or maybe for some reason i dont have full access?
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