Hello everyone, pumped to be here! Any Advice?

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Hello! My name is Adriana, I just turned 21, and Ive been singing since I was 4-5 years old. My first ever sort of voice coaching was at my church choir. Our pastor was very serious about his music and his singers, so he teached us the basics and we practiced different exercises, we were at this for a couple of months before we actually started singing at the church. That's were I developed my foundation. Later on in life I had some few coaches to start training seriously and improve my voice but I've always felt like there is something missing. I am sure we can all agree that is really hard to find a great coach. So when I saw Ken in YouTube, not only his voice is out of this world! The voice of his students are exceptional! His dedication to this is undeniable, and I am so grateful I found this course! I am very dedicated and specific when I practice anything (specially singing) so I know this is the program for me. And I love this concept of the forum, it's very encouraging to see everyone getting feedback and helping one another. I am excited to share my improvement and hear what you guys think! I am very open to construction criticism. So I got the courses a couple of days ago, been watching, writing, rewatching Vol. 1 (video). I want to focus (as Ken advices) on the diaphragm exercises (#2,#3 and Huff) but I am wondering how long should I? Any advice? Btw. I tried to be as brief as possible but lol, nice meeting you all! :smiley:


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