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12 Game-Changing Tips For Great Singing! NEW VIDEO

Hey guys!

Just a couple of questions after watching Kens new video '12 Game-Changing Tips For Great Singing!'

Like Ken, I don't personally rely on lozenges often but I was under the impression to avoid ones with menthol in them as menthol can be drying. However I noticed Ken said ones with menthol are actually really helpful. So is the menthol / drying thing a myth?

Also Ken recommended garlic and dark chocolate as part of a good anti-inflammatory diet for singers. As garlic and chocolate can both be quite drying or mucus forming, would these be better for non-singing days?

Finally, regarding the body muscle fitness question that was asked from someone during the Q&A. Ken mentioned a Navy Seal guy who he trained to sing who was very physically fit. While this is beneficial in other ways, he also stated however, that the guy did 1000s of crunch sit ups resulting in a very tight and toned abdomen and restriction in the relaxation response, i.e not good for singing. So is the moral of the story, you can work on other muscles in your body, building stuff like arms, legs etc, but avoid over-working (tightening) the abdominable area that we use for singing?

Hope you can all help answer those,

Thanks :)


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    sjonrokz4usjonrokz4u 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,287
    Kyle watch the lessons it’s clearly defined. You don’t want to bulk up anything but instead build a “runners body”. Yes build your body for strength tone and health but not for bulk. An athletic condition is best. Not to say this is what you have to have to succeed. There’s fat guys that can sing there’s also ripped guys that can sing but you just want to be as efficient a machine as you can be
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    kylevox1987kylevox1987 2.0 PRO Posts: 39
    Awesome thanks! What about the menthol in lozenges and garlic / chocolate thing? Do you have any knowledge on those at all? :)
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