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Chirs Cornell

Hay guys and girls if your wondering what I like for my favourite song music movies well Queen was one of the greatest movies I saw that just came out not too long ago and my favourite singer would be Chris Cornell and Freddie Mercury those two are two of my favourite of all time girl growing up as a kid and the CDs that I had that I still have is Qween ceep your self alive and just rock was a big part of my life and music was what kept me from losing my way as a kid and I just think music brings people together and helps all of us with troubled times


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    I loved Queen movie too. Great acting, and, from what I heard, the plot is very similar to the original story. :) They overdid it a bit with his teeth lol, but apart from that it's great. I also enjoyed A Star Is Born with Gaga and Cooper. Chris Cornell is (was) amazing, yeah. I'm still trying to learn his Billie Jean cover which is not easy because of low notes.
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