Hello Everyone, greeting from the Netherlands!

Hello Everyone!

I recently joined in on Ken's Vocal Academy by taking the course ( I say THE COURSE because this stuff is seriously solid stuff) I am already noticing a significant difference in Strength, Endurance and Skill by practising this daily. I have not sung a note in 18 years and started again since 2 months. I have been a trashmetal vocalist for three years and before this time I sang a lot of powermetal. I used to be hoarse for a few days after a rehearsal and now I just wanted to do this right. ( No long hoarse! Which is a great relief!) It is a very good start and through the course capacities can be build through time. I have been "pressing" too much air through the vocal folds back in the days. I still have the tendency to do that. But this is truly a great help and I know right where to stop because Ken told us how it shouldnot feel. This is a great help!

I have a small video clip on youtube. I decided to put this online after a friend has executed a persuasion tactic on me because he thinks I just should find a band. And people do not hire you when they do not know a little about what they can expect.

I am nowhere near there yet. So please feedback is welcome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtJ_VpLO73E

I am experiencing problems concerning the ranges between high and low. This short clip also contains some grunting from a good friend of mine on the background ( the big low growls, that is not me, I do a little growl on the end, but really, that is not really my thing :-D ). He makes sure that I take adequate rest in between. As we both rehearse our singing in turn. Otherwise I go on a locomotive mode for three hours orso.

Forth. I have a question too concerning Ken's session he had with Yuji a very short while back ( I saw it yesterday), which is the student from Canada. Is this technique used too for practising "belting."??? They are both doing great! Respect here! Sometimes I try to go to the higher notes like Yuji, but then I notice I "yodle" . Is this a sign I am forcing it too much? Ken somewhere said. Only go as loud as where you can connect ( chest, passagio mixed-passagio-falsetto) Does that also apply here? I think so, but maybe I am missing something here.

Alright everyone. I hope you can give me some tips and experiences /advises regarding my questions. Glad to be here! Would love to have some conversation w/u all!


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    Welcome to the KTVA course and forum from the uk, firstly if you have the course you need to gain access to the student part of the forums click on this link https://forum.kentamplinvocalacademy.com/discussion/6859/how-to-get-access-to-the-ktva-student-areas-of-the-forums#


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    Hello Vocality,

    I have read your message here and send the receipt in an email to the address which you mentioned via the provided link. Thank you!
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    Alot of the problems you are experiencing can be managed if you follow the course structure properly. Since you are already singing, I highly recommend you not try and go too fast through the course. Volume 1 is the most important! It sets you up for all the others.

    Your yodel is either not enough support or your actual chest voice limit for now.

    Welcome to the course, have a good look around in the student area and spend lots of time rewatching all the videos and reading what others have posted. :smile:
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    Welcome to the forum! Like Wigs said, have a look around the forum. Take your time, there is a lot of information. And that is all additional to the main course.

    All the best,

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    Welkom Esther(2dev), ik ben heel tevreden tot zover, hoop dat het gaat bevallen! Ben benieuwd, ga nu de clip kijken :)
  • NickWNickW 2.0 PRO Posts: 153
    Impressive! Yet i can feel my throat listening to the grunts :wink: not an expert on grunting by any means though. Love to see if it helps for you!

    I can say that since i started in november i increased range, brightness and output already. People tell me that also w/o knowing ktva or me doing it (although its far from a secret). Anyways, im impressed already by yoour clip performance
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