Kenny Rogers- The Gambler


  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,362
    hi Michael, another good song choice! this one has a bit less of the "professional sound" for some reason. i think you could add some '"attitude" to your voice, it sounds a bit like you are singing to children, or at least a bit too tame. maybe have you tried lowering the key? i don't know, somehow "Michael Pro" isn't there 100%, when I know he could be. (this is all obviously pretty picky, but since I know what you can do, I think you'll take it the right way)
  • Michael4000Michael4000 STREAMING PRO Posts: 992
    @Klaus_T @coffeecrank thanks for your feedback, i really appreciate it. I totally get what you're saying about there not being enough chest voice.

    I think the problem is that in the beginning, I'm singing kind of gently and really close to the microphone to capture the intimate sound and vocal fry. Then the rest of the song is really light and not chest heavy cause I'm so close to the microphone and not belting it out.
  • Chris82Chris82 2.0 PRO Posts: 594
    I thought you did a pretty dang good job on this song @Michael4000 ! The critiques others have given you is spot on but singing it a little restrained I don't think made the song bad by any means. It was very enjoyable to listen to for me. RIP Kenny.
  • Michael4000Michael4000 STREAMING PRO Posts: 992
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