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Hello I am a 55 year old male residing on the Eastern shore of Maryland USA. I have been singing casually untrained since I was young.
I just signed up for the next to the big package I believe they’re normally 800 some dollar package.

This is a long introduction but since this is singing forum I figured you would be interested in the singing experience.

This is my general singing experience:

At nine years of age my father would sing opera with me and had I practiced like an opera singer with a deep chest voice. I remember I did surprise adults with how loud and deep I could sing as a little boy I had a lot of fun doing it.

My father was convinced I had talent and took me to a classically trained singing coach at a Music Academy in Colombia SA.

At the first meeting my father asked me to sing for the teacher land and I belted out some , powerful and rich opera style voice(or so I thought)z

My father looked pleasedand I thought I was doing great.

The.teacher put up his hand and gave a hearty laugh and he shook his head and said no no no no you cant sing like that at your age. You have to start with the basics.

This could be a commercial but man

If that teacher used the KTVA techniques he he could’ve easily guided me to sing safely but not crush my self-esteem. My father was insulted because the coach didn’t recognize my singing potential.

The teacher would have recognized I had developed a very powerful chest voice for such a young man and therefore I had actually taken a big first step. He could’ve had me work on connecting my chest voice with my head voice smoothly etc

Maybe singing like an opera singers as a child is bad for your vocal chords?

The teacher thought it was cute that a nine-year-old was trying to sing like Pavarotti.

I have to admit this criticism stopped me from singing much for years.

I started singing in a little rock ‘n’ roll band when I was 15 and I sang various popular songs of the 90s with various success . I also wrote a bunch of originals but was never able to record them.

Throughout my life I’ve been trying to write songs and recently I discovered garage band which gave me the tools to record original songs that have been playing in my head for years and listen critically to my voice.

I have about 25 songs of various levels of completion . I discovered I had difficulty being consistently on pitch at times I thought sound pretty good.
It was frustrating because I could not identify the problem.

Thanks Ken for your course and great teaching style.! It’s hard to explain how How amazed that I can finally use the years and years of singing practice and combine it with an effective technique To quickly change my boys in the something that has a lot of potential.

I have done a lot of the work todevelop a strong singing voice to develop a strong singing voice . I have strong diaphragmatic support. I have thought about and worked on my singing throughout my life without the proper coaching. I’m very grateful that I ran into the KT video.The combination of diaphragmatic support , connecting head voice , posture, relaxation response has improved my voice and I consistently Have small singing epiphanies .

The various singing styles I have played with or developed are reflected in the different songs im recording. I need someone with an ear to tell me whether the style sounds natural authentic or something I should work on based on the quality of the voice etc.

In other words I need feedback on a few different styles of singin.

I just finished a 2018 live stream of Ken Tamin vowel modifications and discovered that if you’re part of the forum Ken will listen to voice samples to help determine if there are problems or techniques.

I have listen to many hours of tapes that were released for free on YouTube I haven’t started the course I purchased yet except a sign on the forum. May I send A sample of my voice.

It would be great to know how to continue with my singing education.

I will wait for a response to determine what I should do at this point or how to send an audio file

Does anybody have any advice about the best way do you lies and the incredible amount of information on the course. A step by step concept?

I am very excited at the possibility of diving into the course with a fresh perspective

Thanks Ken

Your Course rocks!!!!!!!!


Albar de la Cuesta


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    Welcome to the course! Glad to hear that the crush to your self esteem didn't stop you for the rest of your life. The forum is split into different colour coded categories. Being 2.0 pro is the highest level of student access here. The blue is public space so anything related to the course should be posted in the student areas under the relevant categories. Ken himself might not get a chance to listen to your scales (he is extremely busy), but there are students like my self that can help point you in the right direction. I recommend checking out the new student demos and ah vowel categories for starters to get an idea of how feed back and interactions works.

    The deeper you look into past discussions, the better you will be able to understand and apply the course material.

    Looking forward to hearing you :smile:
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    I am new to the course and I was wondering if
    You would tell me about your progress. What exercises
    were the most beneficial for you? etc.

    Terry (Gidpicker)
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