Two songs for evaluation.. !!

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Hi, my name is Toby and from south korea.
I wanna cover the song more better.. hopefully give me a detailed feedback.

Now i'm uploading 2 songs, the one, "Just once" is before i learn about Ken's course.
And the second one, "Maybe this time" is,, i learned the VOLUME 1 and then recorded.
When i recording, i imagined that singing by the Nasal cavity. just i imagined. is it right way?

Whatever, i would deeply listen to you guys feedback.




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    WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
    Thanks for waiting so long for a reply, sometimes they can fall behind.

    I can hear a difference between the 2 for sure.

    Hopefully you have been keeping up with the scales during this time as right now that is what is going to make you better at singing. They are what teach you how to sing the vowels properly. I understand English isn't a first language, but I also think of singing as another language. Once you know how to pronounce the vowels properly it becomes much easier to hide an accent.

    One tip I will say is when you take a breath between each phrase, try not to make a sound. Listen back and you'll see what I mean. Hearing the breath is ok but not the noise you make. I think the singer in Muse does it sometimes as well but its not necessary.

    Finally, when you are ready, post your lah scales in the student area for the best advice on what to work on :smile:
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