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When to begin adding in consonants when practicing song?

For the last couple weeks I’ve been practicing “With You” by Chris Brown and singing it in a key around the same range as my speaking voice and sometimes a few steps above that. My vocal fach is baritenor. Each day I do a few of the chest voice exercises on Ken’s YouTube channel as well as practicing only the vowels of the song. I tried singing the song with the consonants a few times. The only times I felt confident in the overall sound of it is when I was signing it within my natural speaking range or a step or two higher than that at the most but I still feel like I need more practice singing the vowels because I lose my tone when I sing it with consonants in higher keys. I also use a tuner app to see what pitches I’m singing and I also have a keyboard which helps as well. At what point would it be appropriate to begin adding in consonants? And do you guys have any recommendations when it comes to that?


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    VocalityVocality 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,602

    Consonants become more of a challenge the higher we go, if your singing with vowels that great try gently bringing in the consonants just so the listener can underdand whats being sung and retaining open throat. Takes quite a bit of practice, experimenting and bearing in mind you have Hard consonants like ing um etc.

    Vocality :)
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    StevenochoasmusicStevenochoasmusic 2.0 PRO Posts: 175
    @Vocality I’ll definitely do that. I hadn’t thought about those “Um” and “Ing” consonants until you mentioned it so that gives me some good insight to be aware of that when practicing. In all honesty, I’m not 100% sure if I’m practicing the right vowels for this particular song now that you mention that. In R&B/Soul music it’s difficult for me to identify the exact vowels they’re singing.
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