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My name is Daniel Patterson. My friends call me "Dan" and I won't share what my wife calls me--yet. I play piano, guitar, and bass and have sung a bit in the past--especially at closing time when the goal is to empty the bar!!!. My various bands have reigned vengeance on the bozos who still shout out "Free Bird". They let me sing it!!! I am 66 years old and want to become the best singer I can be and sing as much as possible. I've tried private coaching and other online resources, but I get stuck at breath control/support. This program breaks down breath control better than anything I've tried. I plan to focus on breath control exercises until I feel the improvement I am seeking. So stay tuned, I've only had this program for 5 days and already I have a better understanding of breath mechanics and what I need to do to build the muscles that will provide support. Oh yeah ! I am Canadian but not very polite with a hockey stick in my hands!


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    Hello🙂 welcome to the course. Great to hear you are already getting a better understanding. Take your time, have a good look in the student area and past discussions about the course as no doubt there will be some questions. If there is anything you are stuck on or need feed back on your scales, just post in the relevant category. Looking forward to free bird! 🙂
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    Hi! Welcome!

    Explore and enjoy the forum, it really is a great resource and place to connect with other singers. See you around!

    All the best,

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