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ENT problems and allergies

I have tonsils and allergy I feel congestion in in the nose cavity to the soft palate area. I feel different pains inmy vocal cord and the tonsils area. After that I feel sore throat vocal cracks and I loosing my vocal range. So I also have mucus in the nasal cavity and on the vocal cords so my point is all the pressure goes into the vocal cords which therefore causes injury to my vocal folds. Now I am not able to sing at least for 5mins or warmup as well
. Please Ken save me I want to become a great singer.
Note:- i had operated my nose with the surgery called rhinoplasty because I had allergy swelling in nose and deviated nose. And I also have ulcers in the tonsils area due to antibiotics.


  • HuduVuduHuduVudu 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,818
    The pain in your throat is laryngitis. I have this also. I went in for the in depth allergy test of 87 different allergens. I found that I am allergic to a very large amount of things. I have halted my singing work outs because I don't want to exacerbate my laryngitis. I started allergy shots around November of last year. I have reached maintenance but do to a severe conflict with my immunologist I have discontinued the shots. In my opinion you will not be able to really sing until you deal with the allergies. I found that the inhalers to deal with the asthma and the swelling from the allergies bring their own problems and mostly that is around over drying your airways. Thus making it once again difficult to sing. I also want to note I am not a doctor of any nature and what I am saying are my own personal observations about what I am dealing with.

    First off there are a two things that most people can do to improve their singing without taxing their airways and allergy symptoms. I do both of these things. The first is improve your timing. It is a running joke with bands that vocalists have terrible timing. I can attest to this in my own singing and in observation of others singing. Timing does not require your voice to improve and you should take full advantage of the time that you will down to improve your own timing. I personally use a game called OSU to improve my timing. Here is a sample of song that I have recently done: https://bitchute.com/video/MMoSQpE7uwlH/ My timing has improved dramatically using this game and this has helped my singing enormously. Just remember if you missed the note by even and 1/8th then you are likely off pitch. Now for the second thing that I do. Pitch, it is elusive and hard to get right. Experts seems effortless but for me this is enormously difficult. Ken has videos that are helpful and the course has a module, but I have found that in addition to these things working pitch with randomization is really helpful. Here is what I do. I go to this site: https://tonedear.com/ear-training/absolute-perfect-pitch-test I just leave it at the default configuration of C,D,E and then I sing the note that is played randomly. I use pitch analyzer on my phone to see where I am at. It is very difficult at first to hear and then reproduce the pitches it is even more difficult when there are pitches that are out of your range and you have to down octave them correctly to bring them in your range. I do this 5 minutes a day. It is important that you don't make loud sounds just use a LAH vowel and do it very lightly. The key to this is to do it over a long period of time. This is what I do to keep work on my singing now. I won't try again with Ken's exercises until I get my allergies under control.

    Ok, here is what I have found about my own allergies. The shots seem to help. They are really not fun as you reach maintenance, but I can definitely feel the improvement between shots. They suggest with the shots that you go for 3 to 5 years. In my case I will not even make it past one year, but I have down something small in my life that I have never done before. I have started opening the windows all of the time. I have also started to use a fan to fully air out my house. This means that I am exposed to the allergies from the outdoors all of the time. This seems to be helping immensely. Just like with the shots it sucked when I first started but now after about 3 months is really starting to pay off. I feel that I will be able to continue this for another year and in that time I should have my allergies under control and be able to start my singing again. Honestly I am hoping sooner, but it's not known and better to keep my expectations low.

    Hopefully this can help you from someone who shares your problems. :smiley:
  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,406
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    @Shubh_shinde sorry to hear you have problems. I also have seasonal allergies. this is no medical advice and you should definitely make sure it is not a laryngitis, because it is true what @HuduVudu says, don't sing if you have laryngitis. Ideally, have a doctor advise you whether you can sing or not.

    what helps me during hayfever season is: turmeric (you can just mix the spice into water, or use fresh roots), drink loads of pineapple juice (or eat pineapples), it has some enzymes which help with allergy. i also have a tea made by a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner which is very effective, maybe you have someone in your area, you need it "tailored" to your symptoms. i highly recommend it! also, drink lots of water and avoid alcohol.

    oh yeah, and be aware of cross allergies: i am allergic to grasses, and if i eat apple or cherry during the "season", i get a strong reaction (sneazing, watering eyes etc). you can google what cross allergenes there are for your particular issue

    hope it helps!

    edit: i forgot to mention the neti pot! very good to clear your nose from allergens
  • Shubh_shindeShubh_shinde Member Posts: 4
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  • Shubh_shindeShubh_shinde Member Posts: 4
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    Can you please tell me which technique is this using to sing high without sounding airy https://youtu.be/GohkaWY6VO8
    Please i need to learn this. And please ask ken sir to make a video on this singer please i have a lot of hopes from KTVA. @HuduVudu
  • WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
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    At KTVA we learn to create this sound by properly engaging our support and cutting back our air while keeping an open throat. There is also the use of mask which helps brighten the sound. Im no expert and I may be wrong here but this singer looks like they are tilting their head up as a way of restricting the vocal tract and at the same time raising their laryngeal position to create the note. It also sounds like he is full in his mask or even creating the sound purely from his nasal cavity. He does seem to have control of his breath though to not make it airy.

    I know alot of asian dialect uses glottal stops and consonants differently to English so that could also play a part in why he is doing what he is doing.
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