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Voice Rest Once A Week?

Hey guys. In general, would you recommend taking off at least one day a week from singing or would you say it’s ok to sing everyday? I’ve been singing 6 days a week with one day set aside to rest from everything, but I’d still like to hear your guys’ input on this one for anyone that might possibly go seven days a week with their practice. I’m an athlete so I feel confident that I could do it everyday because my stamina gives me good energy and strength to do it but at the same time, I’m not afraid to continue taking at least one day off each week just to allow my body to recharge as well.


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    Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,406
    hi, Ken recommends 5-6 days per week, but there are people on here that do 7 days. i do 5 because of other stuff i need to do. apparently your brain learns better if it also has time to "forget" the new information a little bit, i.e. the rest. i think you will be able to feel if it is good for you to do 7 days. plus, you can always take a break whenever you need to even if you normally do 7 days per week. depending on your schedule, if you aim to do 7 days, maybe it will have occasional breaks because of "life" anyway.
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    StevenochoasmusicStevenochoasmusic 2.0 PRO Posts: 175
    Thank you very much @Klaus_T I really appreciate your input on that!
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