Kansas checking in!

Hi all!

My name is Curtis and I am an old rocker from Kansas. I've been playing guitar and singing backup for probably 30 years in various bands including several orignal bands. I have recorded a couple of times and write my own material. Recently, I have found myself in an area with a shortage of singers-in a day full of screamers. So, now I find myself as the lead vocalist in a cover band and preparing to go into the studio later this year as the lead vocalist for my own project. My hopes are that Ken can work some miracles with me and make me a phenom! (LOL) Actually, I would just go for sounding like I know what I am doing. 



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    Many of us here used to be just in the background of our bands.  Now we are being looked upon as lead singers in our own right, possibly THE lead singer!

    If you follow Ken's program, you WILL learn what you need to learn about how to sing like a REAL vocalist, not just a screamer.

    Pay close attention to everything Ken says and shows you in the videos and workouts.  He has SO MUCH information packed into his program, every bit of what he says is important and you don't want to miss anything!

    Get ready to Rock Kansas!  You're NEVER too old to get a new start in life with your voice at KTVA!


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