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Singing :)

Singing is always my dream and I really want to sing better but I am a 19 year old student so I don't have the money for a vocal coach or vocal lessons because my parents think that my voice sounds so bad they don't support me either about singing
I have seen that ken tamplin vocal academy's free singing lessons and I will get them tomorrow but I want to ask everyone is this free course can get me to a specific level where my voice doesn't sound like an uneducated voice and what is the difference between the free singing courses and paid ones
One more my parents always tell me my voice is so bad that discourages me a lot actually because of that I can not practice at home they always tell me to shut up when I start practicing does anybody have an advise for me to overcome this problem
Thank you all for the people who read this post to the end sorry but this is my story and I need some help :)


  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,405
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    hey, sorry to hear you have such an unsupportive environment to deal with!

    good that it does not discourage you from learning how to do it. the free exercises are less structured and don't have a "red thread" in the sense that it slowly builds you up. with the free stuff, you are on your own a bit more. you can improve with the free stuff alone. i can help you build a routine from the free videos.

    but you can also tell your parents that you can only get better if ypu practice. the voice is an instrument, and no one would expect you to sound good on a violin on day 1. or to improve without guidance

    the paid cpurse is very good value if you imagine it has you covered for years for a few hundreds, while you would spend that in about 1-2 months on regular singing lessons.

    i can vouch for the course doing what it says it does, i also considered myself a hopeless case for singing and after about 1,5 years i have improved massively, not a great singer maybe still but i am confident now that i can get there, maybe in another year or two i'd imagine it will be a massive difference. i feel i have the basics down now, pitch breath, support, open throat.

    there are more impressive stories than mine but it definitely works and it is fun too

    if your parents are really so ignorant as to not even let you practice at home because of the noise (but you can't go anywhere else), then you could look into various ways off blocking of sound with diy barriers, there are also some contraptions you can stick your head in to sing without too much noise, i can help you come up with something, but really THEY should shut up and stop getting in your way
  • MevsMevs Member Posts: 14
    Thank you so much that was really helpful for me I am so happy that you can help me build a routine with free course thank you so much I feel encouraged
    I want to say that my parents want me to focus on my major which is medicine I like medicine but they can not understand that one can have multiple dreams so that is the problem so thank you for the other advises, this forum is so helpful 😊
  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,405
    alright. here is the routine, see below. try it and you can always customize it and add sutract from it or re-order...


    (I just happened to do it in this order, I am not suggesting that this is correct practise by KTVA standards, it was just my stab at puzzling together a warmup/training routine from the YT content. It was beneficial for me and convinced me to start the proper course)

    I would watch them all first, maybe even several times (can be done bit by bit) and then, i just skipped to the exercises (but actually, you want to hear as much of what Ken has to say as possible, also rewatching the same instructions from time to time because it is so much information there is no way you can remember and use it in one sitting). then I did one hour of this per day (it takes about that time if you just go to the exercises. It will be tricky to jump exactly to the exercises because there are no markers of course, but my tip would be, scroll through the video and check for when Ken has the guitar on his lap, because then it is exercise time :) How I said, I did it for several weeks and then I was sure the course would be helpful

    you are right, you can have several focus points, i think it is important to have a good balance of interests
  • MevsMevs Member Posts: 14
    Thank you, that will help a lot I am gonna do my best to become a singer I am gonna follow your instructions I quite liked the order 😆
  • WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
    Also, in a pinch you can do them in a car. This means though that you won't have all your support because you are sitting down, and dont let it distract you from driving. If you can park somewhere or just stay in the car port, then at least you will still be doing some sort of workout.
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