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Posting a demonstration for the first time for some feed back

I'm trying to get into Jazz singing. I wanted to be a pop/rock singer, but my Vocal coach told me my voice is better suited to Jazz, which is something I never really wanted to be or felt passionate about. Although I'm beginning to like it, I don't love it. He has a school with a reputation for training famous artists has signed thank-you from these artists on his studio wall.
Though I hear Ken saying that range isn't fixed, that you can sing what you want as long as you build the house from the ground up. I thought I'd post my demo see what you think, I think I've learned more from Kens YouTube videos than my teacher sometimes

.Hear is my demo link.



  • WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
    I can see why your teacher probably said you were suited better to jazz, your voice has a natural bit of huskiness to it. I dont know your coach, im not one myself, all I know is KTVA. You want to develop YOUR voice, not be pigeon holed into something you dont really enjoy just because someone else says so. How many of those artists did your coach actually develop to use the full potential of their voice, or did he just say you will be country, you will be pop, your will be rock, and not take into consideration what they wanted. I hear all the time of schools that have all these famous artists signed to them, I would ask how much of their talent was already trained before joining and if that school only put a polish on. Do they have any artists that came with problems that they helped rectify or actually started with ground up?

    If you want to sing more pop I would go right ahead, KTVA gives you the tools to build whatever kind of house you want. As for your demo, the main thing I would concentrate on for now is to try and find and use your support. Search Kens videos, there are plenty on it and try to apply it to your singing. It will give you better tone and also help you hold those notes stronger.

    Nice first demo :smile:
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    Thank-you :)

    my coach says be hat style you want to be. To be fair I did ask his personal/professional opinion.
    i spent most of my 20's in Blues playing lead guitar over 1 4 5 progessions. Since I went solo, there as no choice but develop my-voice. Ken spoke of a similar experience he stated in his video when "The guy's kicked him out of his own band" I think I will start ith KTVA does he ship courses to Australia?

    Here is a second demo https://youtu.be/Dlm1FbZhugo
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    I discovered I had the song volume wrong, I was singing too loud. Still buying the course
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